Friday, October 15, 2010

Create Small Business and Home Business Idea

I want to spark-up you mind with question from me about small business is: why small when you can create big home-based business?

Many of family wish to have home-based business to create added value and revenue. But, without good planning and management, the business will go to the great destruction. Not all home-based people know about business and management, or maybe know business and management but won't start because fear of failure. That should not become obstacles to starting a business.

So, what is the business idea from my mind?
1. Agency / Reseller
You can sell everything from your home using internet or sell anything to your friends and neighbor. You just find what they needs, then you creating or find products that match with their requirement. You can get some fee from the sales.

2. Handicraft
My neighbor at Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta do some handicraft job. They get material from the agent, create the handicraft (wallet, imitation flower) at home then the agent will pick it up and they get fee from the job.

3. Writer
You can write a book or articles then send it to publisher and you get some fee. Or maybe write good articles and put it on you blog. If your article is good, you will get many readers and you can get revenue from advertising.

That just some small idea. My answer for my own question above: do not be greedy, start with small things, then stepped into a big thing, but the main key of business is start now.


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