Monday, June 11, 2007

Attacked by Malaria in Jayapura

Sunday May 10th, my 6th day for me in Jayapura City i was getting flu, but the strange is no one drugs can make me feel better. Then I went to Marthen Indey Hospital, hospital in Jayapura owned by Indonesian Army.

Doctor suggested me to perform a blood check. After waiting for about 1 hours they said that i got Malaria Tropical stadium 3 and Tertiana Stadium 2. Now i'm in home treatment with so lot medicine that I got from the hospital. I also should be injected by medicine in hospital for 3 days in row. Thanks God that the diseases detected early, so it not too late to get treatment.

So, this is my time to take a rest at home, at Dok V Jayapura, but no problem, there is a internet connection here, also Fana installed a satellite TV (Indovision) few days ago, so not too bad treatment. Hope can recovered soon.

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