Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paid Review Cost and Fees

I used to get lots of email to review products and websites, and most of them are paid review. I tried some of them, but after few times, I felt that paid review sometimes make my review is unfair because make me stand up on the side of the payer.

How much usually advertiser willing to pay for the review? They will pay for about $5 to thousands dollars based on traffic and credibility of the website. I love the natural blog universe, where people give review for product without need to be paid, so the reviewer can give balanced rating to the product based on their own experience.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Milestone of Papua: Quo Vadis?

When I visited Papua, I went from Abepura to Jayapura. Jayapura at now is not like Jayapura in the past. The city have problem with traffic jam, because everyone bought new cars, but there is no increment in road length. Transportation system to rural area in the mountains of Papua still only using Airplane. There is no road from Jayapura to Wamena.

The next, is political problem. Papua doesn't have Governor elected for almost than 1 years. The local regulation about Papuans native to be governor still go into debates. Electoral Commission in Papua Province can't do anything but wait until the regulation fixed to continue the election processes.

The other, as Information Technology consultant Papua still lack in IT infrastructure. We only can get connected to the world just by using satellite dish. Even there are ADSL broadband service provided by Telkom (Speedy), the backbone of Telkom is still using satellite. Even in some big city like Jayapura, Telkom installed fiber optic system for intra-city, there are no fiber optic connection to outside Papua. Telkom authorities said that Papua will be connected by fiber optic in 2014.

So, what is the real Papua milestone from my personal perspective? This picture is taken today at Skyline-Entrop, jayapura.

Papua Milestone

The next picture is taken about a hundred meters from the picture above. Do Papua need a new milestone (again)?

Papua New Milestone

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Personal Movies Wish List

When I was in junior high school, I like to watch TV serial. Most of them are hero and superhero serial. Now, some of them already go to the movies, some of them are: Spiderman, Superman, The-A-Team. I also see regularly the new serial of Hawai-Five-O in AXN. I just wish producers in Holywood would make te following TV serial into a movie:


The secret agent MacGyver played by Richard Dean Anderson. MacGyver prefers non-violent resolutions where possible, and refuses to handle a gun.

The Six Million Dollar Man

I don't know what is price to build bionic technology in 2012. Even with inflation since 1980, six million dollar is still big money (al least for me). Inflation make some goods-price higher, but products of technology should be cheaper day by day? The good news, just heard the news that this movie in on production.

How about you?


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visit Palangkaraya, Central Borneo (Again)

I just landed at Palangkaraya, and not much change on the infrastructure here after 1 year from my last visit. Palangkaraya is capital city of Central Borneo Province. The funny things, when I updated status of my Twitter account, the GPS said that I was at West Borneo.

I went to Palangkaraya by Lion Air's flight from Yogyakarta with flight number JT-567 (10/July) with aircraft registration PK-LHL depart at 15.50 GMT+7. Few minutes before landed to Jakarta, pilot announced that the aircraft will go around because only one Jakarta (CGK) runway serviceable. There was an aircraft blocked the north runway. After few minuter go round, pilot announced that the runway service back to normal. We landed safely at 17.00 GMT+7 at gate 1A. Flight from Jakarta (CGK) to Palangkaraya (PKY) by Lion Air is from gate 1B, so we waiting for Lion Air's shuttle bus to move us from 1A to 1B.

Gate 1B very crowded, and then we boarded JT-678 at 20.00, delayed 25 minutes from schedule 19.35 GMT+7. We used aircraft with registration PK-LHU, brand new aircraft with Boeing Sky Interior.

As low cost carier, Lion Air doesn't provide meal as default service. We can buy them on board with flat rate Rp. 10.000 each item.

Then we landed safely at Palangkaraya (PKY) at 22.00 GMT+7.