Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work at Home or Work at Office?

In the early of March 2013, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer's called all staf to work at office instead of remote working from home. This decission bring many debates over the internet. Some agree but some refused the policy.

From The Free Dictionary, the definition of office:

1. a. A place in which business, clerical, or professional activities are conducted. b. The administrative personnel, executives, or staff working in such a place.

The definition of home is:

1. A place where one lives; a residence.
2. The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or apartment.
3. A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household.

Sometimes, work at office dan bring stress to employee maybe they face traffic jam or other disturbance on the way to office. Work at home also have own problem, when employee live in small house, doesn't have private room, and there are kids running around the house and make noise.

I have friends work remotelly not from home, but sometimes at public place such as cafe with wifi connection. From my own perception, having sometime together in a place as a team is important, but that doesn't need to be everyday.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Use a Web Hosting Server to Backup Data from the Hard Drive?

One of things on digital file management is about how to make the data secure and safe. Data storage (hardisk, CD, flash disk) always have MTBF (mean time between failures). Store data in one place is also risky. What if there is disaster like fire, earthquake, flood that can destroy anything include our data? But how can afford data storage service with cheap pricing?

There are many hosting providers that give unlimited space and bandwidth with cheap price as low as 1 USD per month. They also have daily backup for data that stored in their server but with some condition (amount of file and size of data). But, are they reliable? Robyn Peterson have the bad experience.

From my own perception, the answer for "It's good to use a web hosting server to backup data from the hard drive?" is NO. Web hosting is intended to use for hosting website data, not for data storage.

Use provider that specialized on data backup or data storage service. For pay per use service, you can use Rackspace Cloud Files, Amazon S3 or Amazon Glaciers, Softlayer Object Storage, and Google Cloud Storage. For unlimited service with fixed pricing, you can consider using Mozy, Carbonite, Live Drive, and other similar services.