Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Windows 8.1 Keyboard Keys Switched

I just installed Windows 8.1 in the new PC and realized that the key @ and " swapped on keyboard. I contacted the PC vendor and they will exchange with brand new keyboard. Before take the keyboard to the shop for exchange, I tried using another keyboard and got same result.

The I searched over Internet and got information about language settings.

Go to PC Settings and select Time and Language.

I changed Country or region to Indonesia and my keyboard buttons work normally.

You will be get different result if you in the another country or with another type of keyboard.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cure for Ebola from Papua?

I just talked with a researcher from Papua that he maybe know the cure for ebola. He said that probably the cure for ebola come from insect. And he said that the insect is: ants. Ants saliva contains an antibiotic that believed can cure cancer and another diseases. One of the plant that store ants saliva is ant plants (Myrmecodia). Myrmecodia is a genus of epiphytic myrmecophytes (ant plants). Myrmecodia plants grow in tree branches and on trunks.

Myrmecodia, source: http://agrace2011.blogspot.com/

From what I read, Active compounds that have been identified include:

  1. Alpha-tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant with IC50 with values ​​obtained 5,1ppm. This means that the concentration of antioxidants to inhibit free radicals by 50%.
  2. Tannins, which are astringent, bind and precipitate the excess protein in the body.
  3. Flavonoid glycosides, is one of the secondary metabolites that are useful for inhibiting cancer cell growth and anti-virus.
  4. Polyphenols, is as anti-microbial and lower blood sugar levels.
  5. Other active compounds such as calcium, natriun, potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, magnesium.
  6. Minerals, which improves cardiac impulse to break through the blockage in the blood vessels to the heart.
  7. Stigmasterol, plays a role in the cytotoxic mechanism.
  8. Inhibitors of histone deacetylase (HDAC), shown to inhibit tumor cell growth, and causes apoptotic cell death of cancer cells, and HDAC inhibitors cause transcriptional activation of several genes whose expression causes inhibition of tumor growth.

I don’t know much more about medicine, but I hope that it’s true and wait for further research.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

How Google Know Almost Everything About Me

There are so many posts and articles in The Internet and maybe anyone already know that Google collect almost all our online data, including our location, contacts, search preferences, etc.

Few days ago, when I used my Android phone to book flight and got ticket by email, Google parsed my email and know when, where and how I will go.

I did not familiar with Solo City area, so I used my gadget to find Adisumarmo Airport, Boyolali Regency (SOC). Google give me exact location and nearest route from my place, and also told me that my flight will depart at 17.40 GMT!

That technology make my life easier, but it also scary me. There are so many good persons at Google, but I also afraid that there are some bad guy over there. Just hope that everything okay with our online data and privacy. I write this post in waiting room of SOC Airport, of course I pray for a safe and nice flight to my destination.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random Contacs Missing from Android Phone

When on vacation, I got problem that my contacts were missing on Android phone. I store them all as Google contact. So, I checked what happen and then realized that I use more than 1 Google accounts synced contacts data to my phone contacts, and I found them tried to syncing almost forever.

What I did just open my contacts in Android phone, and using menu, then go to Accounts. I disabled Sync Contacts in the Sync settings of each Google accounts and only activate sync contacts with 1 Google accounts that considered as primary by me.

I restarted device, and missing contacts problem in my Android phone then gone.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to Upgrade Firmware Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

For some reason the firmware of our devices will be upgraded periodically. I have Samsung Galaxy Neo 3 (SM-N750) that check the update regularly. I did upgrade using phone, and then at the last update I got error and the phone ask me to upgrade using Samsung Kies. I downloaded Samsung Kies 3 that suitable for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. After connect the device to the PC using cable, I got my phone connected with Kies 3.


Then, Samsung Kies software give me notification that my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo need a firmware upgrade. I clicked ‘'update” button.


The software give me caution and ask me to checked that I have read all information on upgrade process and sign agreement by clicking radio button in their form.


Then, Samsung Kies prepare for firmware upgrade by downloading firmware upgrade components.


Samsung Kies downloaded file for firmware upgrade. The software ask me to not disconnect cable connected to the PC to avoid interrupted upgrade.


During upgrade process, the Samsung device will be restarted few times. Then Samsung Kies will give information that upgrade process succesfully completed.


Just restart device, disconnect and reconnect the cable, and upgrade is done.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How to Get Website With One Million Page Views Per Month

Today I open my Google Analytics account and got one of my web portal reach 1 million page views in last 30 days. I don’t publish the website address because this website is just experimental website created by me less than 1 year ago. Here is the screenshot of Google Analytics account, and I think it’s amazing.


I didn’t do any off site SEO or something, but I just tried to:

  1. Manage daily regular posting.
  2. Promotion: AdWords with budget no more than 30 clicks per day.

The traffic increased steadily and now reach my target of 1 million page views. So, I have conclusion that regular update is one of the factors that can affect traffic of the website because of returning visitors.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How To Set Squid 3 Prefer IPv4 Network

If you have Squid 3 server and your server connected to IPv6 network, Squid 3 will prefer to access IPv6 as default. When the IPv6 network is unreachable, it will tried to access the IPv4 address.

To make Squid 3 prefer IPv4 instead of IPv6, just put these lines in squid.conf:

dns_v4_first on

This configuration line controls whether IPv4 or IPv6 connection is attempted first when contacting servers and peers. Then, restart squid 3 service, or, if you want to reload configuration seamlessly, type command:

squid3 –k reconfigure

Squid will still perform both IPv6 and IPv4 DNS lookups before connecting to the destination server.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to Make Ubuntu Prefer A (IPv4) DNS Lookup Over AAAA (IPv6)

I have Ubuntu server with both IPv6 and IPv4. IPV6 queries made before IPV4 and they where wasting resources, and also there is still no route to some network. After read from some web resources, I got that  it's the standard to prioritize IPv6 over IPv4.

I did changed my /etc/gai.conf (gai stands for getaddrinfo, the standard system call for resolving host names). For sites which prefer IPv4 connections change the last line to:

precedence ::ffff:0:0/96 100

And then, my Ubuntu server query A records (IPv4) before AAAA records (IPv6) when access domains.

Monday, September 8, 2014

How to Set Unifi DHCP Option 43 on MikroTik

We installed Unifi Pro AP in our client’s office to provide wireless access to employees. The network diagram as follow (I’ve changed the configuration to fake IP address because of our client privacy and another security reason). The Unifi Controller in this configuration have public IP address that can accessed anywhere in the world that have internet connection.


To make Unifi Pro access point can adopted by Unifi Controller, I make DHCP in MikroTik Cloud Switch series, with add DHCP option code 43 using MikroTIk Terminal. Unifi introduced the usage of DHCP Option 43 which is used to provide clients and devices on a network the ability to locate the Unifi Controller.

Option 43 value in MikroTik DHCP will be "0x0104" + the HEX of the IP, for example in this network converted to 80C7EEEC. Just search “Convert IP to Hexadecimal IP” and you will find so may converter tools in the Internet. After DHCP in MikroTik is set and computer that use DHCP can access the Unifi Controller port 8080 (in this example is “”), type command in MikroTik Terminal to add DHCP option 43:

/ip dhcp-server option add code=43 name=unifi value=0x0104080C7EEEC
/ip dhcp-server network set 0 dhcp-option=unifi

After turn on the system, Unifi Pro AP will be shown in the Unifi Controller automatically. Unfortunately my configuration was not working. I tried more than half day just to figured out what happen. Then I just reset the Unifi Pro AP by push reset button and then it works. The problem was (maybe) Unifi AP adopted (tested by supplier) before it arrived to my client’s office. New version of Unifi Controller will not detect AP that has adopted by another Controller.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Welcome to the Google Domains invite-only beta!

This post title just subject of incoming email arrived in my Inbox. I just got email from Google about my request to join Google Domains. They give me invitation code, so I can activate my Google Domains account. Unfortunately, Google give note that their current beta is U.S. only.


I tried the feature of Google Domains. It seems that the pricing for domains at Google is very standard. It’s cost US$ 12 for .com, .net and .org and some domain are US $ 20 and US $ 28. I can’t go further because I got notification from Google about my status.

“We’re sorry. Google Domains may not be available in your country. Learn more to get notified when it is available.”

They recognize my origin from payment data in Google Wallet.


With that amount of registration pricing, I think Google will beat the competition in domain market. They put the price on average - not too cheap, but also not too high. And it is likely that they will give value-added service with their domain registration service. Google already have domain registration service with Google Apps since few years ago with domain registration pricing is US $10 and integrated their Google Apps domain registration with free email, calendar, online office suite and other.

Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Uninstall Postfix and Dovecot in Ubuntu

Postfix and Dovecot is one of the good combination for email server. Postfix is a free and open-source mail transfer agent (MTA) that routes and delivers electronic mail, intended as an alternative to the widely used Sendmail MTA. Dovecot is an open source IMAP and POP3 email server for Linux/UNIX-like systems, written with security primarily in mind. Dovecot is an excellent choice for both small and large installations. It's fast, simple to set up, requires no special administration and it uses very little memory.

This is simple command to completely  uninstall Postfix and Dovecot installation from your Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get purge postfix
$ sudo apt-get purge dovecot-common
$ sudo apt-get purge dovecot-imapd
$ sudo apt-get purge dovecot-pop3d
$ sudo apt-get purge dovecot-core

Note: the command work only if you install them using default package command for Ubuntu, e.g. using ‘apt-get install’ or using ‘dpkg -i *.deb’. FOr installation by self compile package, please refer to HOWTO that usually delivered with the source code package.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Convert Date String in Excel 2010

I got series of data ini Microsoft Excel 2010 that have date data, but the date is in the text format. I want to convert the text format from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy because I need to insert them into database that require date format in sql is in mm/dd/yyyy format.


Then i put all date data in column A and put his formula in an empty column:


This will convert date in the text format in cell A1 from 31/12/2012 to 12/31/2012 and I can format the result of formula as date. This will not work if the data is already in the date format. In that case, no formula needed, just right click on the cells and format the cells as date.

If you're in the US and have a worksheet with dates in UK format then some of these will probably be recognised as dates, but the wrong date, for example, 3th April becomes 4th March and some others, where the day is greater than 12, are not recognised as dates at all, so excel treats these as text.

This formula will work if you just need text replacement. You just need to remove “+0” in the MS Excel formula:


If you want to replace date in “Europan” format dd.mm.yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy, just change the MS Excel formula to:


If the formula not working, some excel version and with different locale configuration need to change the semicolon to comma, for example:


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Direct Flight from Jayapura (DJJ) to Port Moresby (POM)

Visitors from Jayapura City (Indonesia) can reach Port Moresby Papua New Guinea by travelling by car with route Jayapura – Wutung by Indonesian Taxi, then cross border RI-PNG, and continue using PNG taxi from Wutung to Vanimo. There are daily regular flights from Vanimo Airport (VAI) to Port Moresby (POM) by Air Niugini (PX). If you want to reach Port Moresby from Jayapura by airplane, the route is very far: Jayapura (DJJ) – Denpasar (DPS) - Port Moresby (POM) or Jayapura (DJJ) – Jakarta (CGK) – Singapore (SIN) - Port Moresby (POM).

GA-6560 flight information on board

In 27 June, 1 & 5 July 2014, Garuda Indonesia served direct flight from Sentani Airport (DJJ) to Jacksons International Airport Port Moresby (POM) with flight number GA-6560 (DJJ-POM) and GA-6570 (POM-DJJ) with aircraft type Boeing 737-800NG aircraft registration PK-GNH, PK-GFI, and PK-GMQ. The flight duration took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. This is good news! But, is it a regular flight? Unfortunately no, because this is special chartered flight of Indonesian delegation to attend The 5th Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture, Papua New Guinea, held on 28th June - 11th July 2014.

Garuda Indonesia PK-GNH at Jacksons International Airport (POM)

If you want to take chartered flight of Garuda Indonesia, just go to nearest branch and tell the flight what you need. The cost is about USD 7500 to USD 9000 per hour. With more than 150 delegates from Papua Province attend the MFAC 2014, chartered flight considered as cheapest way to reach Papua New Guinea, because it cut cost more than 70% of the budget than take regular flight. Why not using another cheaper airline? It’s because Garuda Indonesia is flag carrier of Republic Indonesia.

And of course, don’t forget to take photo of the crew!

Crew of GA-6560 and GA-6570

For your information, The Melanesian Island countries in the Western Pacific, surrounded by the vast blue Pacific Ocean have Cultural Heritage which is diverse. The Melanesian people's cultural heritage is distinct. It distinguishes them from other people and their cultures. Their Cultural heritage is their identity, strength and can shape their destiny. It is celebrated to enhance mutual understanding, cooperation and appreciation of one another's Arts and Culture in Melanesia.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Buy Folding Bike in Yogyakarta

Today we went to Orion, a bicycle shop in Yogyakarta. We want to find suitable bike for Akio, our son. Akio got blue Wim Cycle 16” bike, and look for some product, we want to buy folding bike sold at the shop.


After select so many variant, we decided to buy Pacific PIP-2988-5 that made from aluminium alloy with price IDR 1.600.000. I think the bike shop is very legendary, because it run (maybe) since my dad’s childhood. The attendants were helpful and the selection of bikes ensured that we selected the right bike for us. In competition with more modern shop, they still maintain old-style layout and service, but we happy with that, because they have a great selection of both bikes and accessories.

ORION, Jl. Brigjen Katamso No. 56 Yogyakarta. Phone: (0274) 374986

Thursday, June 5, 2014

How to Change Blogger Permalink URL

Permalink is link to individual blog post. In blogger, permalink can generated automatically based on post date and post title. Sometimes, if you use Blogger or Blogspot as platorm and you have mistake, you can edit post and permalink with this easy steps. This steps is for pubished post.

First, go to your post which you want to update, then Revert to draft.


In draft mode you can change the post and permalink in easy way.


After everything done, then re-publish again, and your title and permalink will be changed.

Friday, January 24, 2014

How to Book Indonesian Railway Ticket from Jakarta to Yogyakarta

If you want to go to Yogyakarta by train, you can book ticket online via web from Kereta Api website or from their online booking partner (tiket.com, tiketkai.com, paditrain.com). They also have mobile application that available for Android and Blackberry. For online reservation, please make sure that it at least 10 hours from scheduled departing time.

After payment done, you will get booking code that can printed in the station using self service terminal in the station. I’m writing this post on morning Taksaka train from Gambir Train Station Jakarta departing to Tugu Station Yogyakarta depart from Jakarta at 08.00 GMT+7 and will arrive to Jogja at 16.05 GMT+7.


After enter your booking details to the self service terminal, print and take the ticket from the printer and prepare your ID card and show it at departure gate.


This is the departure gate. The officer will check your ticket and ID card before you able to enter the train platform.


Oh, this is just a tips, before enter departure gate, don’t forget to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks to energize you on the journey.


Enter the platform 30 minutes before departure, the Taksaka train ready to go.


Your seat number written on the ticket, with 4 seat ABCD configuration. A and D for window seat and BC for aisle.


Enjoy your trip, and don’t worry because there are 220 V power cord in each seat so you can work on the way to Jogja without afraid of running out of battery. Make sure you have the charger and Indonesian standard power plug.


If you need to eat or drink, just order from the restaurant in the train. Have a nice trip!