Thursday, February 21, 2013

CDN That Support Mobile Detection and Redirect

Mobile detection and redirect is important for websites that have different platform or design for dekstop based and mobile application. When website traffic is going to very high, the load of servers also will be very hight. For sites hosted at shared hosting, it will be problem, because of limited resources provided by hosting company. Even sites hosted with dedicated servers or in cloud or VPS, it will need high performace instance.

The solution to handle high traffic is CDN (Content Delivery Network). But, the major CDN provided do not support mobile detection and redirect, so it will make new problem for webmaster that need mobile detection and redirect. After search for some providers, I got CDN providers that support mobile redirection.

Akamai AQUA Mobile Detection and Redirect
Akamai is the best CDN because they have servers around the world. The main problem is it's very hard to sign up for Akamai service for small websites, and some said that they have expensive pricing compared with other CDN provider. But, I must said that Akamai is Rolls Royce of CDN.

Cloudflare Mobile Redirect Service
The mobile redirect service automatically redirects mobile device visitors to a mobile-optimized subdomain home page. The service is limited to any domain on any paid plan (Pro, Business or Enterprise) which signed up directly through CloudFlare.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

World's Greatest Extra at Godaddy Commercial

Supermodel Bar Refaeli big kiss? As Godaddy customer personally it's too weird for me to see the Godaddy commercial launched at 31 January 2013. Who are the actor? After a little bit search with keyword "World's Greatest Extra" I got that the actor was Jesse Heiman. He's been an extra in basically every movie and TV show ever, and his large frame, glasses, curly hair are totally nondescript.

About Godaddy? I just think that Godaddy better to improve their service rather than create nerd ads.