Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Other Side of Robert T Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki BookRobert Kiyosaki is best-known for his books on investing. His first bestseller was titled Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and is an attempt to change the mindset of the average employee.

Since 1999, marketer, investor, and real estate business man, John T. Reed did the investigation through Kiyosaki's articles and history. Then he wrote in

I just quote some, and maybe I encourage readers to read more regarding this in John T Reed website. And to make it fair read also the answer of Kiyosaki in Master Mind Forum.

A number of people have asked me about Robert T. Kiyosaki and his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. When I said I didn’t think he was a real-estate guru, a number of people insisted he was. Several told me I would like him, that he preaches a message like mine. Eager to find such a guru, I bought his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad in a bookstore.
I interested with this one since I was reading newspaper from Harian Bisnis Indonesia regarding insider trading. Some of the Kiyosaki articles said that insider trading is legal:
There are forms of insider trading that are legal
Then John T. Reed have comment like this:
It is generally illegal to buy or sell stock when you are in possession of material, nonpublic information about the corporation in question. The only legal insider trading is non-short-sale trading which is done by an insider who is registered with the SEC, reports his trades within ten days after the end of the month in which the trades occurred, and who did not have material, nonpublic information at the time of the trades.
What I think?

From here, I just learn that we should read and know another side of a book or author before follow the ideas in that book. It will make fair, so we can decide who is right, or maybe just take what is right for us.

How about you?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 Golden Ticket

Today I got Golden Ticket into my inbox:
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away you entered your email address on to get a blog.

We're now inviting small groups to use and your email address was selected today!

Visit this address to get started:

While you're on a string of good luck it might be a good day to buy a lottery ticket. Better move fast though, because this invite will expire in a week, no exceptions.

The Team
I gave it a try at Nice admin panel, and of course different with mine here.

I agree with regarding this:
  • The installation was dead easy. Pick a username and title, enter your email address. Done.
  • Nice new colour scheme — bolder, more teal than grey. The dashboard looks a lot cleaner, and it’s far more welcoming than Wordpress. That’s important if it’s going to compete with Blogger.
  • The default theme is Kubrick, and there’s a nifty menu to choose one of 8 themes. Unfortunately, there’s no scope to customise them in any meaningful way. Hopefully that will change in the near future.
  • It includes 25MB of space for file uploads, including images, movies and MP3s (with a cap of 1.5MB per file). It’s a good idea — 25MB is enough for many people, and paid plans to expand that storage would give the service a viable income stream. Of course, you can use sites like Flickr to host your pictures, too.
  • The interface is based on WordPress 1.6, which is still in alpha — but this version is very polished. The WYSIWYG editor produces pretty good code, although I had a bit of trouble with the separator. You can always change back to the old “raw” input, on a per-user basis.
  • At least, the options say Personal Options (including rich v plain editor) “are just for you, they don’t affect other users on blog.” But I can’t work out how to add multiple users. I guess that’s a feature that hasn’t been implemented yet, so group blogs are ruled out for now. (However, the new user system in 1.6 is pretty sweet, and I expect it will find its way onto when the rough edges are knocked off.)
  • One concern I’ve got is comment spam. Although the new service appears to have the same “spam words” interface as WordPress, it really needs plugins to do a thorough job. The increase of spam on Blogger blogs shows that this will be a real problem, and it’d be nice to know what is going on behind the scenes to filter spam.
  • Come to think of it, there’s no way to use plugins at all. That’s one of the biggest benefits of using WordPress (or Movable Type) instead of Blogger. It’d be great to see them allow plugins in future, though it would no doubt pose some technical/security difficulties.
  • The invite system is integrated with your blogroll, so you can tick a box and the invitee will be added to your blogroll automatically when they activate their account. Nice touch.
I still have an invitation, if interested can contact me. I’d really like to give the invite to a commenter (or a lurker, for that matter) who wants to give blogging a burl. They’ll jump the queue ahead of people who are already blogging.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Success Story & Personal Goals

What is success definition? I asking each other then get so many kind of answers. Then I looked at the Internet and found like this:

suc·cess (s?k-s?s')
  1. n. The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted: attributed their success in business to hard work.
    • The gaining of fame or prosperity: an artist spoiled by success.
    • The extent of such gain.
  2. One that is successful: The plan was a success.
  3. Obsolete. A result or an outcome.
From Google:
  • an event that accomplishes its intended purpose; "let's call heads a success and tails a failure"; "the election was a remarkable success for Republicans"
  • an attainment that is successful; "his success in the marathon was unexpected"; "his new play was a great success"
  • a state of prosperity or fame; "he is enjoying great success"; "he does not consider wealth synonymous with success"
  • achiever: a person with a record of successes; "his son would never be the achiever that his father was"; "only winners need apply"; "if you want to be a success you have to dress like a success.
For me, success not a state of prosperity or fame. Success have correspondent with goal. I believe that everyone have their own success, because each people have his/her own goal. For example, a student may set a goal of getting a high mark in an exam. An athlete might push himself to walk five miles a day. A traveler might try to reach his destination city within three hours. That called personal goals. I 'm not talking about big goals in an organization, I'm just trying to talk about personal goals.

Managing our goals is a very powerful technique that can give us strong returns in all areas of our life. By knowing precisely what we want to achieve, we know what we have to concentrate on and improve. Goal setting gives us long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses our acquisition of knowledge and helps us to organize our resources. By setting clearly defined goals, we can measure and take pride in the achievement of those goals. We can see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless grind.

Goal management should always include:
  • Time management
  • Frequent reconsideration (consistent check)
  • Feasibility check
  • Adjusting milestones and main goal target
To reach very complex and difficult goals like obtaining straight A-grades not only in a single exam, but continuously is a difficult task that few can achieve. Start define and writing our short term goals, then long term goals, then get ways to achieve it.

Let me try step by step, ok?

Some materials taken from Wikipedia: Success

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The 7 Habits and Personal Effectiveness

When learning leadership, i remember about Stephen Covey with his book "7 habits for highly effective people". In his #1 bestseller, Stephen R. Covey presented a framework for personal effectiveness.

Why 7? not 8, 9, or another number? I don't know, but from my own opinion, maybe he inspired by number '7', that represent so many luck. From what I read from so many religius books, including Holy Bible using number 7. Number 7 is lucky number ya? lol, coz that number is my birthday :D

Ok, lah. Forget about why 7 etc. Just read from so many literature, "the 7 habits" is evry popular then so many people create writings using that phrase, including an article about computer Seven habits of effective text editing.

In my opinion, if you want become effective leader, u should learn how to communicate with others, and how to manage good relationship. From the beginning of world, finding good relationship is the problem itself. So many war, and the other bad thing, that happen and written in history happen because lack of communication.

From day to day, I just want to have wisdom to solve problem one by one. Good relationship & communication plus wisdom are the effective ways to have good living, and make all of our work become effective.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rain Season Started

Today rain very strong, and I forgot using my mantle. I'm using motorcycle for transport everywhere in Jogja City. So, how to manage body health when it in rain season? I do some:

Get enough vitamin and ion
I usually drink vitamin C, and also drik ORALIT, coz it will give me enough vitamin to protect my body and ORALIT give me enough ion with cheap price, hehehe...

Keep dry
Using mantle when rain and u ride motorcycle, or not go out when it rain except u using a car.

Sleep Enough
Sleep enough to recover my health.

This is what I hate. Go to fitness centre. Hehe long time I'm not go there, then I''m fat now, and already join perutnyempluk club :D
Just imagine that u will meet so many sexy girls, you will have motivation to go fitness centre ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

IT and Spiritual Marketing

From Hermawan Kartajaya blog, he wrote about IQ, EQ, and SQ.
IQ (Intellectual) is MINDWARE, EQ (Emotional) is HEARTWARE, SQ (Spiritual) is SOULWARE, All in all he call it The HUMANWARE. And to do spiritual marketing, people must use their HUMANWARE.
And in his other post, he mention about PQ (Physical). For me, IQ, EQ, and SQ is most important.

Make it perfect with PQ! Since my main bussiness is in Information Technology, we can keep everything with something that I call it as an IT ATTITUDE. So how?

IQ: Give Smart Solutions for Client Problem
Beside we listen what client want, we should keep smart to give client a way to solve their problem. Sometimes client doesn't know what kind of software or IT they need. They just follow mode?

EQ: Keep Everyone Smile
When software development goes crazy, keep everyone smile. Keep client smile, with giving good product. Keep client smile when we get overtime in development process. Keep development team smile even they in very tight deadline! Once u lost a smile, u lost everything!

SQ: Keep the Truth
Sometimes people sacrifice the truth to reach everything. Wow, that very bad! Next time I believe that u'll get what u spread! Keep the truth is like keep everything informed about the development progress without lie. In IT development, client and developer become one team to reach the goal. It's better to make everyone in team know & then help to solve the problem, than we get an 'big bang' in the end. Just remember it: lie can make everything worse.
Otherwise, for project manager or for company, keep ur price 'normal', not too expensive and not too cheap. Expensive mean that what client get is worse than amount that client pay. Cheap mean that software developer get loss in the project. If good pricing (win-win solution) cannot reached, at least everyone can get 'hapy-hapy solution'.

PQ: Keep Good Product
Everyone can know the product value when they see or use the product. Keep the quality to make good product. Good interface & good functionality are what people see on an IT product.

With high quality product i'm sure that old customers will get back to you soon to give you a new lead and new customers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Me & Procrastination

Few months ago Mas Sidoe gave me form to test how I manage time, and how I do all my job. He said that it's all about a word "Procrastination".
Procrastination is the deferment or putting-off of an action or task, usually by focusing on some other distraction (compare temporisation). It is Latin for "foremorrowing," or making some such of tomorrow.
I read Riyono's blog, and then realized that he also wrote about procrastination. I hate it although I usually do that.

The allure of putting off an unpleasant task is pervasive in our society, a fact which has given rise to jokes and cliches such as "never put off until tomorrow that which you can put off until the day after tomorrow". Procrastination can be as benign as waiting until the last minute to file one's taxes, or never cleaning out the garage. But procrastination can be a persistent trait in some people, known as chronic procrastinators. In these people, it can be a self-destructive state where the procrastinator can get nothing accomplished on time, resulting in serious career struggles, persistent financial problems, and diminished quality of life.

Think that it a bad habit, that should be eliminated from our daily life. I believe we can do everything better and more effective if we can leave procrastination.

More readings: