Saturday, March 4, 2006

Positioning Differentiation Brand and Information

Last time I read book written by Hermawan Kartajaya, about how company and organization can apply PDB (Positioning Differentiation-Brand) to improve marketing performance of the organization. From what I get, i create a conclusion that we should right think, right act, then get right result in right place and right time.

World is a phenomenoh where everything is running and changing. Information, Strategy, Tactics, and Resource is the primary key to reach the goal. Lost information is a fatal error that can make us create wrong judgement and wrong act. Information that we get should implemented by applying right tactics and sretrategy depend on resources we have.

It like chain management where everything have correlation, and information is in the first place of the chain itself. Information about our SWOT, information about competitor SWOT, and information about environmental condition. Information first.


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