Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Simple Hack Friendster and Facebook Account Using Nokia 6120c

If lucky, you can login with ur friend username and password on Friendster or Facebook just using Nokia 6120c with 3G support. What you need is two units Nokia 6120c and using Kartu Halo Telkomsel.

First, make sure that your phone number or SIM Card is not blocked and available for calling. The other should can access web page using 3G or HSDPA network. Then access website You will be asked for username and password. For example, if you want to hack your Friend's account, for e.g. (not real email), you should have the phone number of account owner.

Enter into the email form, and then enter the password. To retrieve the password, pick your other cellular phone, then call your friend who trust in you and ask the password and then request him/her to send the password via SMS. If you lucky, in few minutes you will get the password in your SMS Inbox. Use the password to login and you can do anything with your friend's FS account. More lucky if your friend's Facebook acount have same user and password with Friendster account.
Don't too serious ok?


jarwadi said...

Yahhhh ...
bacanya udah serius, malah :))

arice said... - please destroy this account please thanks... a lot... :)

ArrOz said...


udah terlanjur baca serius bgt neyh!!!!!!!!!!!


pingin blajar hack fs neyh,, yg dah pengalaman sapa yah??

clint said...

please delete this profile and all other profiles from the same person his extra accounts can be found in his friends list as he added himself to this 1 profile

horeman said...

hack terbaru,akoe dapat dari mbah google n om yahoo,
pasti berhasil 100% n langsung dari salah satu staf yahoo:
bcc:cc: your email account
subject : "maintenance" (write the email address of the person you are hacking) (your email account)
xxxxxxxxxxxx (your passwords email)

public void doLoginAttempt() {
conn = new HttpConnection();
conn.setArg(”name”, name);
conn.setArt(”password”, password);

NB : - Your account email must be at least 30 days old for this to work.
- waiting your account until 24 hours and you can get passwords.

good luck !!!

teman2 yang mau coba silahkan

bluesky said...

jangan mo ikutin cara horeman ..dia malah mo ambil username ma password email anda...

gideon miranda said...

try something else..
you can ask your friend or gf or bf for their password or username
or may be ur not their real friend ehehhehe

kaylla said...

tolong hapus friendster ini dong.. (hack)

hacker tolol said...

berita terbaru:
friendster udah kebal, jadi g usah coba2 hack deh!
ga akan berhasil.
yang ada, fs gw kemarin di hack sama admin fs.

hasi said...

ternyata isi nya...

mikaela said...

this is a new site that i just have found i use it a while ago spying my bf private photo... it is so effective... im sharing it to you so use it now........ while friendster doesnt detect it...

Sora said...

Mmm . . .
Masi gak ngerti nih !!!
Bisa bantuin gak ???
Yang mau di hack adalah friendster dari hewan ini :
Tolong di e-mail ya !!!
Mail q :

Thanks !!!

mbeling said...

gw berhasil ngehack ne friendster

tolong said...

tolong hack friendster ni

tolong send to email gw ya!!

elly said...

mbeling.. kalo berhasil tolongin aq juga dong, gimana caraanya nge hack FS?

zhasta said...

tolong ajarin aku cara hack dong, lg pngn bljar hack nihh..

hasi said...

wewwwww.....kirain apaan

kelly said...

tolong aku hack friendster ni dengan id ni ,dan send email kpd ya

minta boleh tolng saya,terima kasih ya

Hancker Dungu said...

sialan.. da serius dari awal..
dikerjai rupanya.. lol

Hancker Dungu said...

telor telor..

AeArc said...


cantik said...

tolong hack friendster dan facebook ini

tolong send to email gw ya!!

yadi said...

brengsek w kira apaan?

dando said...

KAMPRETTTTTTTTTTT,........ ngapain pake 2 HP segala WEDUS!

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