Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adisutjipto Airport Closed Until 20 November 2010

Adisutjipto airport Yogyakarta still closed for 2 weeks because Merapi Volcano eruption haven't go to stable condition. Volcano ash still pollute the sky, so it very dangerous for flight.

In the history, volcano ash of Mount Galunggung (1982) in Java ever made engines failure of a Boeing 747 immediately after enter the ash cloud. Fortunately, 3 of 4 engine successfully started again and landed safely at Jakarta.

The transportation authority of Indonesia close Adisutjipto Airport of Yogyakarta (IATA: JOG) until 20 November 2010.

Alternatively, people in Yogyakarta who want to fly to another cities can depart from Adisumarmo Airport Solo (IATA: SOC) or by train from Tugu Rail Station (I call it in slang language "Bandarel Tugusutjipto").

I hope Merapi Volcano back soon to the good condition so the airport will be opened because I have trip plan from Yogyakarta to Thailand on 21 Nov 2010. But the most important is I hope Yogyakarta recovered, so the refugees and life victims can back to the home to build their life again.


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