Friday, February 11, 2011

Gamisia Me Pantremenes Ellinides On Free Business Advertising

I'm very interested when someone searching and find something ini my website. But then I interested with the word and did a research. I got the phonetic typing from Google Translate for the word gamisia me pantremenes Ellinides and got this in Greek language: γαμισια με παντρεμενεσ ελληνιδεσ

Gamisi, means "fuck" in Greek. Also Gamias means Fucker. Sometimes it is also used to describe a difficult situation (see example). Gamisia (γαμισια) is the definition of fuck in plural. Extes phga me thn Litsa kai kaname kati gamisia - χθες πηγα με την Λιτσα και καναμε κατι γαμισι (Means: Yesterday I went with Litsa and we fucked our brains out). Also can be used as: Extes sthn douleia htan poly gamisi - χθες στην δοθλεια ηταν πολυ γαμισι (Means slang: Yesterday at work it was very hard).

The moral of the story? So many people searching for adult content, and sometime make an adult word as key to find adult content. I have my friend learned foreign language and what he did was learn adult and dirty words first. With this trick or method, he quickly learned the new language. How about business advertising? Sometimes advertiser using adult words and content to advertise and attract the consumers or customers.

Notes: some people said that this post is too vulgar, so I'm very sorry. But I just to learn languages that I don't know it's meaning.


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