Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paid Review Cost and Fees

I used to get lots of email to review products and websites, and most of them are paid review. I tried some of them, but after few times, I felt that paid review sometimes make my review is unfair because make me stand up on the side of the payer.

How much usually advertiser willing to pay for the review? They will pay for about $5 to thousands dollars based on traffic and credibility of the website. I love the natural blog universe, where people give review for product without need to be paid, so the reviewer can give balanced rating to the product based on their own experience.


Haryanto said...

I had my first paid review from idblognetwork, but still not confirmed how much will the advertiser pay. They said wait until 60days of published period than they will confirm the pay out.
Yet i make my on review contest, just to see how's people writes about my blog.
I guess i just wondering, did i make a fair reviewed as people will (hopefully) about my blog. lol
Anyhow, it was a nice experience.

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