Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How To Set Squid 3 Prefer IPv4 Network

If you have Squid 3 server and your server connected to IPv6 network, Squid 3 will prefer to access IPv6 as default. When the IPv6 network is unreachable, it will tried to access the IPv4 address.

To make Squid 3 prefer IPv4 instead of IPv6, just put these lines in squid.conf:

dns_v4_first on

This configuration line controls whether IPv4 or IPv6 connection is attempted first when contacting servers and peers. Then, restart squid 3 service, or, if you want to reload configuration seamlessly, type command:

squid3 –k reconfigure

Squid will still perform both IPv6 and IPv4 DNS lookups before connecting to the destination server.


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