Saturday, June 27, 2015

Install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on IBM Server x3530M4 7160 A2A

We problem installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on IBM Server x3530M4 7160-A2A. We also tried CentOS 6.6-x86_64 minimal without any good result. They said that the problem was in EFI BIOS, but we already update everything without result.

The installation finished, but when we restarted the server it won’t boot. Both Ubuntu and CentOS installed the UEFI in the right place. It just don’t boot. We tried to install Windows 2008 Server R2, and it works.

Then, after last time installed once again Ubuntu using same way with default steps on installation wizard, installation finisher without error. I reboot the server and put IBM Server Guide in external CD ROM then did steps to install Windows 2008 Server R2. Using wizard on IBM Server Guide, I follow steps to define the hard drive and I select default RAID, and restart. After restart, I watched TV and I forgot to insert Windows Server CD. But, voila! The Ubuntu Server boot normally. So, it seem that the IBM doesn’t detect the HDD and it recovered after I select RAID on Server Guide wizard. Lucky for us, after more than 3 weeks..


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