Sunday, February 14, 2016

How to Recover Lenovo C460 Power-on and BIOS (Supervisor) Password

We got problem when our client in Papua have their computer locked by Power-on passwrod and BIOS (Supervisor) password on Lenovo All-in-one Desktop C460. The problem doubled when the user forgot both of the passwords.

Normally, if you forgot Power-on password, just press F1 when computer starts, and you can reset the password in BIOS security setting. In old computer, reset BIOS or Power-on password is very easy just pull the CMOS battery on the motherboard.

From what I just read on some web forum, the solution is by call Lenovo Support to have reset them with cost about US$ 55. Some users also have experience that Lenovo Support replaced their PC with new one, because it still in warranty period. Ok, they can afford support, but in Papua area, there is no Lenovo Support service, and need to send the PC to Jakarta.

Lenovo C460 CMOS data stored in MXIC 25L6406E located on the motherboard, and we can reset (flash) them using reset BIOS reset hardware.

Just download BIOS software for C460 from Lenovo Support and good luck!


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