Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Upgrade Asus Eee PC Series 1025C with 4GB RAM and SSD 256 GB

I have a netbook Asus Eee PC Series 1025C. It already 5 years old and equipped with Intel® Atom™ N2800 (Dual Core; 1.86GHz) Processor, 2GB RAM and SATA HDD 320 GB. The challenge is I want to upgrade this netbook so it can be faster to run.

The limitations are processor is support only 32 bit OS and maximum RAM usable is 3 GB only. So, I just changed the DDR3 RAM from 2 GB to 4GB and HDD to SSD. I was using Ubuntu Linux before, but in this time I tried to install Windows 7 32 bit and Microsoft Office 2016 with original license.

I failed when tried to install Windows 10 bit, it won't work because problem with display driver for Asus Eeee PC 2015C not supported by Asus or Intel. They don't give update for their display driver to compatible with Windows 10.

The SSD is Silicon Power A56 256 GB. The read write result test using winsat command shows that the SSD performance increased significantly than using HDD.


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