Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Agung Ariansyah Married

PPTIK UGM team at Saturday 12 November 2005 went to Kediri to celebrate Agung Ariansyah a.k.a Mas Sidoe who want to 'finish his virgin' or it's common to be called married with his new wife, Mbak Yulia. Kediri is about 5 hours using shuttle bus from Yogyakarta.

We going at 08.30, with Mercedes Benz AB 50 AE that owned by Gadjah Mada University.
Preparing to Kediri

Then we take rest at ngawi to have lunch in Dura Restaurant
Lunch at Duta Restaurant

In the bus
In The Bus

We continue journey to Kediri, and then met Mas Sidoe at gas station using batik.
Mas Agung at Gas Station

Then we go to Mbak Yulia's home and then eat some food (slurp...!)
Photo Together

We go back at 14.30 to Jogja after buy some merchandise from kediri (Food: Tahu POO and Gethuk Pisang) at Jalan Pattimura Kediri and have dinner again at Ngawi (RM Duta), and then we came to Yogyakarta at 10 PM.

Have new live Mas Sidoe! We hope u happy forever with your istri a.ka bojo aka. garwa a.k.a 'penakan' (penakan is javanese word came from word penak and said at Saturday by Mr. Jon Puskom).


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wah .. bisa ugm keren yak :)

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