Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to Monetize Mobile Website Traffic

From my previous post about increase of mobile traffic to some of my websites, mobile traffic is the future of internet, and the future is now.

With the new technology and capability of smart phone, it's possible to add multimedia ads (picture, sound) in mobile website or blog. From my personal experience, I use Admob (then migrated to Google Adsense), and Inmobi to monetize the mobile website traffic. The revenue of mobile web traffic is about 10% compared by regular traffic, but I think it's better than no revenue at all. Beside that, provide mobile interface is good way to engage with your potential customers.

The next problem now, some mobile browsing technology use their own proxy, so many users with same browser come from the same IP address. For example, mobile users with Opera Mini and Blackberry (BIS), their access is identified come from Opera and Blackberry gateway, and Inmobi and Adsense won't show ads from the Opera Mini and Blackberry (BIS) visitors. So, the next question is: how to monetize Opera Mini and Blackberry traffic?


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