Saturday, August 23, 2014

Welcome to the Google Domains invite-only beta!

This post title just subject of incoming email arrived in my Inbox. I just got email from Google about my request to join Google Domains. They give me invitation code, so I can activate my Google Domains account. Unfortunately, Google give note that their current beta is U.S. only.


I tried the feature of Google Domains. It seems that the pricing for domains at Google is very standard. It’s cost US$ 12 for .com, .net and .org and some domain are US $ 20 and US $ 28. I can’t go further because I got notification from Google about my status.

“We’re sorry. Google Domains may not be available in your country. Learn more to get notified when it is available.”

They recognize my origin from payment data in Google Wallet.


With that amount of registration pricing, I think Google will beat the competition in domain market. They put the price on average - not too cheap, but also not too high. And it is likely that they will give value-added service with their domain registration service. Google already have domain registration service with Google Apps since few years ago with domain registration pricing is US $10 and integrated their Google Apps domain registration with free email, calendar, online office suite and other.


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