Saturday, October 15, 2005

IT and Spiritual Marketing

From Hermawan Kartajaya blog, he wrote about IQ, EQ, and SQ.
IQ (Intellectual) is MINDWARE, EQ (Emotional) is HEARTWARE, SQ (Spiritual) is SOULWARE, All in all he call it The HUMANWARE. And to do spiritual marketing, people must use their HUMANWARE.
And in his other post, he mention about PQ (Physical). For me, IQ, EQ, and SQ is most important.

Make it perfect with PQ! Since my main bussiness is in Information Technology, we can keep everything with something that I call it as an IT ATTITUDE. So how?

IQ: Give Smart Solutions for Client Problem
Beside we listen what client want, we should keep smart to give client a way to solve their problem. Sometimes client doesn't know what kind of software or IT they need. They just follow mode?

EQ: Keep Everyone Smile
When software development goes crazy, keep everyone smile. Keep client smile, with giving good product. Keep client smile when we get overtime in development process. Keep development team smile even they in very tight deadline! Once u lost a smile, u lost everything!

SQ: Keep the Truth
Sometimes people sacrifice the truth to reach everything. Wow, that very bad! Next time I believe that u'll get what u spread! Keep the truth is like keep everything informed about the development progress without lie. In IT development, client and developer become one team to reach the goal. It's better to make everyone in team know & then help to solve the problem, than we get an 'big bang' in the end. Just remember it: lie can make everything worse.
Otherwise, for project manager or for company, keep ur price 'normal', not too expensive and not too cheap. Expensive mean that what client get is worse than amount that client pay. Cheap mean that software developer get loss in the project. If good pricing (win-win solution) cannot reached, at least everyone can get 'hapy-hapy solution'.

PQ: Keep Good Product
Everyone can know the product value when they see or use the product. Keep the quality to make good product. Good interface & good functionality are what people see on an IT product.

With high quality product i'm sure that old customers will get back to you soon to give you a new lead and new customers.


sridewa said...

IQ has an IQ test... but the later Qs don’t provide any method to Quantize.
Do I miss something? But how can I find a guide to conduct such EQ, SQ, PQ test...
IMO, Quotients should relate with numbers.

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