Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rain Season Started

Today rain very strong, and I forgot using my mantle. I'm using motorcycle for transport everywhere in Jogja City. So, how to manage body health when it in rain season? I do some:

Get enough vitamin and ion
I usually drink vitamin C, and also drik ORALIT, coz it will give me enough vitamin to protect my body and ORALIT give me enough ion with cheap price, hehehe...

Keep dry
Using mantle when rain and u ride motorcycle, or not go out when it rain except u using a car.

Sleep Enough
Sleep enough to recover my health.

This is what I hate. Go to fitness centre. Hehe long time I'm not go there, then I''m fat now, and already join perutnyempluk club :D
Just imagine that u will meet so many sexy girls, you will have motivation to go fitness centre ;)


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