Saturday, October 22, 2005

The 7 Habits and Personal Effectiveness

When learning leadership, i remember about Stephen Covey with his book "7 habits for highly effective people". In his #1 bestseller, Stephen R. Covey presented a framework for personal effectiveness.

Why 7? not 8, 9, or another number? I don't know, but from my own opinion, maybe he inspired by number '7', that represent so many luck. From what I read from so many religius books, including Holy Bible using number 7. Number 7 is lucky number ya? lol, coz that number is my birthday :D

Ok, lah. Forget about why 7 etc. Just read from so many literature, "the 7 habits" is evry popular then so many people create writings using that phrase, including an article about computer Seven habits of effective text editing.

In my opinion, if you want become effective leader, u should learn how to communicate with others, and how to manage good relationship. From the beginning of world, finding good relationship is the problem itself. So many war, and the other bad thing, that happen and written in history happen because lack of communication.

From day to day, I just want to have wisdom to solve problem one by one. Good relationship & communication plus wisdom are the effective ways to have good living, and make all of our work become effective.


zam said...

weleh.. nganggo inggris. rak dhong aku. btw, buku itu yang nulis dikau toh ternyata? pantes rasanya pernah denger nama itu deh.. heheh

Stephen Covey Seven (7) Habits Blog Owner said...

Don't forget that Stephen Covey is a Mormon, so would know Bible symbolism. Also, as a Westerner, he probably picks up on the mythology of the significance of "7" from the wider culture (there's all kinds of movies with "7" in the title... look at the Seven Dwarves for example!!) If you want to see my own blog about Covey, click on my "name", above. Thanks.

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