Saturday, December 31, 2005

Language in Speech Communication

CommunicationIn our daily life communication skill is very important. If we want to send information to others, we can user our own way to communicate with them. Communication can be done via verbal, speech, signals, writing, or behavior.

Speech communication is the aural form of transferring ideas, thoughts, instructions and/or directives utilizing the speaker's vocal cords and mouth to stimulate the air, thus causing waves of sound to strike the audible receptors of the hearer, resulting in a transformation back into mental images and/or symbols to allow the receiver to process the meaning of what has been said.

In many companies, language skill needed for communication process. This is including business communication between company and intra communication between employee in the company. I remember last year when I attend a course at my school, the speaker said that in the international company, English language skill is very important, because English language used in so many country in the world.

I asked my friend who join to an international company and got information that they also use language other than English in daily communication in office. They use local language because it easier to understand, since most of employee in the office is local people. And sometimes they using mixed language.

I also remember Mr. hadi, my English teacher in my high school said that he met two people, one from Australia and the other from Indonesia. The Australian understand Indonesian, but cannot speak Indonesian, the Indonesian understand English but cannot speak English fluently. So finally they do communication with their own language, Aussie speak using English and the Indonesian sepak using Indonesian, and no problem faced in their discussion. Just maybe too strange for other people who know and listen the discussion.

I can take this from my own mind:

Good speech communication happen when you understand what I said, great speech communication is when you do what I said, and there is no language border in it.

So, the language border actualy is not a problem in speech communication. If we still have problem in speech communication, we can use signals, behavior, or writing to help speech communication.


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