Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Effective and Accelerated Learning Methods

BrainSometimes I faced problem, that I can't learn well. With so lack of attention and concentration, it make me difficult to learn and remember materials. I read few articles and find out how to get effective learning and I got few simply steps.

Learning by doing
Learning by doing is one of effective ways to remember what we read or studying. With practice, we can learn how things happen and work. This kind of studying techniques applied in school, and they usually call it lab work, field work, or the synonyms. In real world learning by doing can be good start to apply it in our daily life.

Problem based learning
Problem based learning applied when we have materials or problem than must be solved. This is like challenge to students to solve the problem. This method used by some school or university to expand the practice sense, so the student's can know the real problem in their work field, and learn to solve the problem. This is good start to prepare our mind in to real work place.

Learning by teaching
Stephen Covey wrote article that we can get effective learning by teaching what we get to others. He called it "Accelerated Learning", and in his paper he said that "You will accelerated your learning and exponentially increase corporate learning when you teach what you learn to others". The advantages are:

  • You simply learn better when you teach.

  • When you teach something yoo feel good about, you increase the likelihood of living it.

  • When you teach what you learn, you promote bonding in relationship.

  • When you teach something that you are learning, you lubricates the change and growth process yourself.

The main key in learning by teaching is be proactive each others, so in knowledge sharing process everyone is teacher and everyone is student. Sometimes we speaking, and sometimes we listening.


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