Sunday, January 29, 2006

Why Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social ResponsibilityTalked with Stefani today, she take thesis to take bachelor graduate in her college, and she focus in Corporate Social Responsibility.

I remember, last month I read SWA magazine at "It's Coffee Timoho", the magazine create full articles about CSR. I also read some of the articles from the internet then.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an expression used to describe what some see as a company’s obligation to be sensitive to the needs of all of its stakeholders in its business operations. The principle is closely linked with the imperative of ensuring that these operations are "sustainable" i.e. that it is recognised that it is necessary to take account not only of the financial/economic dimension in decision making also the social and environmental consequences "Sustainable Development".

A company’s stakeholders are all those who are influenced by and/or can influence a company’s decisions and actions, both locally and globally. These include (but are not limited to): employees, customers, suppliers, community organizations, subsidiaries and affiliates, joint venture partners, local neighborhoods, investors, and shareholders (or a sole owner).

Seems great. I interested about apply a kind of metrics to Corporate Social Responsibility, so we can get the result value from CSR strategy, to improve "the life of company". I need more readings about CSR. Would someone help me to find more books or articles about this? :D


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