Saturday, January 29, 2011

Create Website Using Auto-Generated Content

I just saw so many website with auto generated content that make a lot of traffic. The main problem of the website, the auto generated content create junk to the search engine result. How about myself? I tried to create website with auto generated content,, just to proof that auto generated content can deliver traffic, but it also useless.

So, how web owners can create website using auto generated content?

RSS Feed
The easiest way to create website with auto generated content is by using RSS. Almost blogs and websites provide RSS, so we can fetch them easily. But, always get the website owner permission before redistribute them to your website readers or they can sue you.

Search Engine API
By creating search engine in your website, you can create auto generated content. By put some keyword based on your website, yo can get so many content from the search engine.

Anyway, I always encourage you to create original content, because original content is the best solutions for your website. It better for you to create original short content rather than auto generated content.


Iklan Rumah said...

Sites that has auto-generated contents is not always good..
In fact, the uniqueness of a site's content is highly recommended for the purpose of its SEO.. Google and other search engines see them as quality, which could ranks up the site's position in the search engine.

All the Best
Iklan Properti

Joomla Tutorial said...

I agree with you that writing the original article is better than to create auto-generated content. If only to get a higher page impression that I think we need more writing and not by of collecting links are useless.

Jasa SEO said...

Google dislike autogenerate content so i think we must make original content.

Zho said...

i do agree with your opinion. Google like original content

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