Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is The Difference Between Laptop and Notebook Computer

What is the difference between laptop and notebook computer? This is very funny for me. When I went to computer store, they have special room for notebook center. Okay, that's a notebook. But when I was in High School in year 2000, they said that they have laptop. So, what is the difference? I just think that it's have same meaning. After search in Google, I got brief information abut the difference:

Laptop: A portable computer small enough to use on one's lap. it's have bigger size.
Notebook: A light, portable computer that is generally thinner than a laptop. Sometime people call it not-a-book.

But, sometimes, I can see that sometimes laptop is thinner than notebook. So, what do you think?


jarwadi said...

none of those netbooks have dual core/core2duo processor inside and optical drive

Ronsen said...

no screenshots?

berita terkini said...

absolutely right, agree with you ...

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