Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Can I Make Money From Web

RupiahSome people asked me about how to make money from web. Since I worked at Global Intermedia, an IT company, I not frequently update about online earning. After find my passion, I got that I enjoyed going out and meet people rather than work virtually in front of computer.

But, from my experience since year 2000 about online earning, I got some point about how to make money online:

Website Traffic is Money
If you have website with high traffic, you can get possibility to add banner to your website and earn money. You can get money from pay per impression, pay per click, or pay per lead/sale. The negative thing about this kind of traffic is because people focus on traffic, some of them create spam, just to get traffic and 'steal' money from advertiser.

Targeted Traffic is Money
Which would you choose, get lot traffic with small money, or get low traffic with more money? Integrating online business and offline business is a good idea, because your website is just a promotion tools, but you can get your money by offline. I wrote this blog, and this website even not earn more than USD 100 a year from banner, but some people who read my writing invite me to do some projects or jobs, and that make a lot of money for my company, and then for me too.

Beside that, the main key of business is find what people need, and sell to them. I just think that some website like Facebook and Twitter make a lot of money because know what people want by analyzing users data or their status. By analyzing their status, age, demographic, culture, they can know what people want and offer suitable product for them.


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