Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Install Wordpress in Multi User Mode

Wordpress MU
I just finished install Wordpress in multiuser mode. This is easy, because Wordpress version 3.xx or above already support multiuser. So, why I decided to install multiuser?

The main problem is language. Sometimes I posted in English, and sometimes in Indonesian language. If I just post in one website the posting will be mixed, and maybe will be annoying readers. Last time I want to use translation plugins, but actually I don't have much time to translate each post. Using automated translator? No, I don't want use them because I often got weird translation.
I just want to manage the similar blog with different language, in a single system. The simplest thing to do is installing Wordpress in multiuser mode. Now, I have 2 blogs, one under domain, than contains all my posts in English, and that contain my post in Bahasa Indonesia.

I follow instructions on and then successfully setup this system. I hope by splitting different language in different posting can make readers easily read the articles they want.

PS: I still keep all my old posting in Indonesian language at domain, just to maintain sustainability and contingency.


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