Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Upgrading Akismet

I just upgrade my Akismet plugin to version 2.5.1. But after update them, I got messages from the system:

Akismet has detected a problem. A server or network problem prevented Akismet from checking 1 comment. It has been temporarily held for moderation and will be automatically re-checked in 13 mins.

Then I got so many email containing SPAM comment waiting for moderation. Maybe I have problem with my hosting server or Akismet server have some problem, but after check in Akismet Configuration menu, it said that All Akismet servers are available. After did searching in Google, I got that some users got same problem. So, that not just my problem.

Akismet is working correctly. All servers are accessible.
Akismet server Network Status Accessible Accessible Accessible Accessible

I just think that we have problem with the server, but after 24 hours the problem gone. Still don't know why...


Mistry said...

Try uninstalling 2.5.1 and install the latest version (2.5.3) which was just released - a bit irritating as it now needs a key but it works well.

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