Friday, December 17, 2010

Travelling Without Leave a Job

When I visited Thailand in last month (Nov, 2010) for Thailand Medical Tourism blog Contest, the finalist split into 6 groups. My group is with Malaysian blogger, Wilson, from He travel around the world. But currently he is working at Focus Image Televideo, an advertising company in Malaysia (psstt.. it's a family-owned company).

Wilson and myself are example of part-time traveler, but with our business, we still able to travel around the world. So, what is the idea behind this? You still can travel around the world and still have a job! I mean that this is formal job, not like a freelance job.

The main key is: find the company that give you flexibility to travel around. Off course it good when you have job that give bonus free travel when you have an achievement. Consultant, sales and marketing, manager are some jobs that usually give travel bonus from the achievement.

Or if you prefer to traveling but still in the job area, you can be a technical support in international company. Sometimes you should travel around the world to do field support. My friend is working at offshore oil company and can travel around the world, because the company give 1 month on field and then 1 month for holiday!


Wilson Ng said...

It was fun traveling with you. It's great to know a friend like you. I appreciate it.

kallyempire said...

It's really fortunate to have that kinda job, that allows you to travel around via company XD

unyil said...

really fun to have jobs like this

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