Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Malaysia is Truly Asia?

Malaysia AsiaSomeday, my friend in my village ask me, why Malaysia is truly Asia? I haven't visit Malaysia before, so at the time I can't answer his question. But, I have so many friends living there and the topic is very interesting for me. Then I did a little research and asked my friends about their perception about Malaysia. My neighbor is Indonesian people who few years ago worked in Malaysia. He said that he take some good experience by worked at there. I also asked my wife about Malaysia, because she visited the country in 2006 for holiday. She said, in economic view, the development in Malaysia is growing so fast, and they have good tourism destination.

I have some friends born, grew and living in Malaysia. From what they said to me, there are many people from China, India, and Melayu. Asia is the biggest and most diversified continent in the world and what my friend said give me a little clue that the people of Malaysia represents majority ethnic in Asia, and they have their own tradition and culture. About diversity, people in Malaysia celebrate The Chinese New Year (for Chinese), Christmas (For Christians), Gawai / Tadau Kaamatan (For Kadazan / Iban), Deepavali (For Indian Hindus) and the celebration considered as national holidays.

Then I go back to the word "truly Asia". The brand is published by Tourism Malaysia since 1999. This brand also has won more than 25 international creative and marketing effectiveness awards, including the winner on "Asia's Best Long-Term Marketing and Branding Campaign" in Media Magazine's Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards, held in Macau in 2008.

That explanation still can't give me the right answer about why Malaysia is truly Asia. The only answer to me about why Malaysia is truly Asia is only by visit, feel and enjoy the trip to Malaysia.


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