Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pay per Facebook Like, Pay Per Tweet or Retweet: A Social Commercialization

Retweet ButtonAt 2001, my mailbox full of email advertising that delivered from may sources. That are first spam on the Internet for me. And then, SEO spam. I wondering how people create every way to increase rank of their website with content that just a crap. Copy from another sources and create auto generated content.

In the social networking era, then spamming still grow in another way. For example, I got so many friend request in Facebook, then finally after they become my friend then tag anything they sell, like clothes, watches, cars, and so many things. That's crazy!

I just check in some website that they offers pay per 'fan' or pay per 'like' on Facebook pages. Or pay per member in Facebook groups. That's also crazy!

Twitter, as one of social networking tools got a lot of bot that create so many spam things. Because, it's very easy to join Twitter, somebody then create bot to make a fake profile with fake followers. Then they commercialize their account for pay per tweet. They got more money per tweet when they have more follower. But, did the advertisers ever check how many of the followers actually read the tweet by check the number of retweets or replies? Or just check the number of followers? For me, good twitter users are the users that have high quantity and high quality followers. I'm not good one. I got little followers and some of them just a bot.

Now, someone is informing me about pay per retweet. So, what the hell is it? Then social media contaminates with junk and garbage contents that generated by bot or human with unnatural behavior. Don't waste your money for the garbage! I support for natural and good behavior of social networking!


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