Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Book of Mixologist: Tipple Thai

Tipple ThaiSaturday night is a good night to spent with your family. But, if you have young spirit, you can try to spend money to buy some drink. Actually, I don't drink alcohol, but it's okay to me to drink one shot of Nescafe or Cocacola :)

I curious when got book titled Tipple Thai from Ms. Jidapa Julakasilp. I just think that book contain recipes of herbs. But, the book not about herbs, but contains recipes of cocktails inspired by Thai fruits, herbs and alcohol. The mixologists are: Justin Dunne, Dannie Joel Sorum, Ben David Sorum, and Johan Davidsson.

Besides the recipes, you can get a lot of information about nightlife in Bangkok. So, if you want to spend this weekend in Bangkok and want to enjoy night life in a club, you can read the book. Because this is a book about alcohol, those who may be susceptible to reactions from alcohol should be mindful of some of the products used in these recipes. The elderly, pregnant women, and those suffering from immune deficiency diseases and heart diseases, should consult their doctor before sampling the drink listed.

Book details:
Language: English
Hardcover 167 Pages, ISBN-10: 9749338499, ISBN-13: 9789749338490, Publisher: Born Distinction, Pub date: Jan 01, 2005


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