Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eruption of Merapi Volcano, Yogyakarta

This early morning at 2.00 GMT+7, our family wake up because ash rain of Merapi Volcano eruption. My house is about 20km north west of the volcano mountain.

A lot of people around Merapi in radius of 3-5 kilometers lost their home because of hot cloud from Merapi. More than 10 killed in the accident, including Mbah Maridjan, the legendary gate keeper of Merapi.

Merapi is nice mountain to visit when in silent condition. I hope everything is fine and everything will be back soon.

Ash of Merapi Eruption


erricgunawan said...

How is your home now?
Did you and your family also take a refuge / evacuate?
Or still staying at home?

Wahyu Wijanarko said...

@errisgunawan: everything fine, our family stay safe in home (in radius 25 km from Merapi). We still deliver goods and food to the refugee at Merapi area.

Dato Suhaili said...

How is the situation in Yogyakarta right now ? Is the Mount Merapi still
producing lava and smokes ? what happen to residence within 25m radius mount merapi , are they being evacuated ? we from Sabah , Malaysia can only pray for the people in yogyakarta safety and wellbeing ...

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