Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Integrated Underground Map of Indonesia

Underground Cabling
Everyone know that our governments (central or regional) have lack support for asset management. This including planning, development, and maintenance.
What is in your mind when I said the word 'underground'. Underground community? Underground music? NFS Underground game? I don't talk about them. Since I got real estate valuation an asset management course from MEP UGM, I want to start idea about asset management in public sector of Republic of Indonesia.

The main problem of planning is no integration between department. Public sector projects dig soil more than one time. First, they dig soil to create drinking water infrastructure that provided by local water company (PDAM - Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum). After the water company hoard the soil, then electrical company dig the soil again to put electrical cable infrastructure. This is not the end, because after that process, telecommunication company dig the soil again to put their communication cable. After that, oil company dig again to put oil pipe.

Then, the nightmare will be happen. Sometimes, because their mapping not integrated, there are infrastructure damage. One of the example, when local water company dug the soil, they accidentally cut the cables of telecommunication company. Or, property developer dug soil to create building foundation, then make damage to water pipe.

The source of this problem is because lack of planning. Every department think that every job is a project. Projects mean money. The other problem is lack of documentation. After regeneration process (maybe the old staff who created the infrastructure already retired or move to another department, the successors don't know where the cables or pipes are located.

The solution? First, every department should have coordination when do some project planning, so, they just dig soil one time and everything will put together. How about maintenance? Government can coordinate to create integrated underground infrastructure map using Geographic Information system (GIS), so each one know where is their infrastructure, so when someone late in a project, then need to dig soil again, they can know what are the infrastructures that located under the ground to avoid damage.


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