Friday, October 15, 2010

How Can Yogyakarta Citizen Enjoy Thailand Without Having Travel to Thailand

Thailand is one of exotic destinations in Southeast Asia. The government is improving their support in Manufacture Industry and Tourism.

Some of real estate developers at Yogyakarta give family travel package for their customer as bonus. Few years ago, they offer free travel to Singapore and Malaysia for everyone who bought their real estate products. But now, with price war or airline tickets, and free fiscal for Indonesian citizen (registered tax-payer) who want to go abroad, travel is cheaper. Then, the trend in 2010 is a free travel to Thailand.

Special Region of Yogyakarta Province have 3185.80 km2 area and about 3.4 million population. Yogyakarta also have main revenue from educations service and tourism. There are so many students (domestic and foreign) studying at Yogyakarta.

So, what is the connection between Thailand and Yogyakarta? Some of my lecturer graduated from Thailand universities. Some people ever went to Thailand and some other never. For everyone who miss Thailand, can go to some restaurant and enjoy Thai cuisine at Yogyakarta. You can go to Phuket Restaurant, located at North Ring Road (west of Kentungan) and Jl. Dr. Wahidin (in front of Duta Wacana University). Then enjoying cullinary at Pattaya restaurant, which are located in Jl. Damai, Banteng and Jl. Perumnas Seturan.

Still miss Thailand? You should go to travel agency near your home to get holiday packages to Bangkok.


bali villas said...

what i loved from thailand is their floating market :)

William said...

Great article. I am also in the travel industry and have been looking newsletter on Thailand Tours & Travel. Because Thailand has many beautiful places. Night life parties are major attraction of This Country. Your article help me lot to plan my next trip for Thailand. Thanks buddy to share valuable stuff on travel in this article. I hope soon you will add more stuff on Thailand.

nomura said...

travel with us.

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