Thursday, October 14, 2010

Got Free Google Adwords Voucher Code Indonesia

Google Adwords Voucher

Yesterday I got mail (not an email) from Google with information about Google Adwords. I already have Adwords account few years ago to promote Global Intermedia. The fun thing, Google gave me free advertising voucher in the amount of ID 400,000. I think Google have my address from Google Adsense account.

After I read carefully the steps inside the mail to enter voucher code in the Adwords account, I dissapointed, because it written that voucher can only used on a new account (maximum 14 days old).

Anyway, thanks to Google for offer me free voucher.


rotyyu said...

Dulu pernah juga dapat yg beginian, tapi bingung mau dipake buat apaan...

kbguy said...

I also got, but in Malaysian Ringgit of course. Google gave to everyone who register with them. It's a discount voucher, that's all. Nothing great unless you are promoting your websites.

smartnbeauty said...

Benaran Gak sih nie iklan... saya curiga karena adwords paastinya dari toh? bukan

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