Saturday, October 16, 2010

Urban Development and Urban Management Course

Urban Zone

Urban growth and the concentration of people in urban areas are creating societal problems. Today I learn from Dr. Socia Priharwanto about urban economics. The problem with urban development and urban management lies on characteristics of the urban society itself.

The main characteristic of urban environment are:

Horizontal growth exceeds vertical (urban sprawl)
Urban sprawl, also known as suburban sprawl, is a multifaceted concept, which includes the spreading outwards of a city and its suburbs to its outskirts to low-density and auto-dependent development on rural land, high segregation of uses (e.g. stores and residential), and various design features that encourage car dependency.

Center of urban activity (CBD: high density, traffic jams, pollution, industrial)
A central business district (also called a central activities district) is the commercial and often geographic heart of a city. Thamrin, Sudirman and Kuningan District is the main business district in Jakarta, Indonesia. This area began to be developed by the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno around the year 1950, together with the Jakarta plans to host the Asian Games in 1960.

Specialization and segregation of land use
1. Innovation of technology and transportation systems
2. The separation between the residence to the workplace
3. Rapid development of CBD

Stability and land-use change
Land use in urban area changed from it's first use to another. For example, farm field modified to be a residential, or industry area based on urban planning. Historical land use patterns together with current trends in a region can be used to create model of future land use.


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