Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Miracle Happen in Chile but US Economic Still Heading to Failure?


Too skeptic with my question? I have two different stories to share with you about this week. First, story about successful rescue to 33 miners at Chile. Thirty-three miners were found alive after 17 days trapped in a collapsed mine. Hopes are high on the ordeal of 33 trapped gold miners. The result, all of 33 trapped miners successfully evacuated from the depth of 700 meters below ground.

Second, US Financial Crisis resulted in the collapse of large financial institutions and downturns in economic growth around the world. Some of economic actors too greedy. They want more money without supported with the fundamental by created system that generate economic bubble. Then it created big economic disparities between rich and poor countries because they use almost all money in the bubble schema then it blew up.

So, what is the moral of the stories? The main keyword is hope. In the first case, hope are high, everyone pray for successful of the evacuation processes. The second, not all nations agree about US to be recovered when they still greedy and arrogant to other nations.


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