Monday, October 18, 2010

Herbal Medicine to Cure Cough and Pneumonia


The main secret and miracle of sickness is on the medicine located near of us. So, if you got cough in Indonesia, the natural herbal medicine / remedies is just around your house.

Mayana (Scientific name: Plectranthus scuttelarioides (L.) R. Br.) is ornamental plants that growing around the house in Sulawesi and Philipine. With the beauty of it's leaf, the leaves have potential ability as a drug. Researcher said that Mayana leaf works to heal bruises, contusions, swellings, and headache (Source).

Toraja people eat the Mayana leaves as a vegetable for everyday meal. If you have severe cough and pneumonia, you ca try eat Mayana leaf. It has bitter taste, but efficacious to cure the cough and lung disease. Some people cured with just one week, but some people with severe disease can took up to 3 month of consumption.


arifudin said...

hi sir, glad to be visiting your site.

yes medicine derived from nature is better than medicine that has been blended at the factory, because it would have been no chemical substances.

sorry my english is bad :mrgreen:

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