Monday, October 11, 2010

Did We Met Celebrities at Pesta Blogger Jogja 2010?

Logo Pesta Blogger 2010 Jogja

Pesta Blogger (Blogger Party) Jogja has been held at 8-9th October 2010. With "celebrating diversity" as main topic, this blogger party put together online and offline community to be unite.

Maybe you know Herman Saksono (with his unfamous scandal), Shrivastava Agatha (Mbakdos), Ronny Agung Rahmanto (Ronny Lantip, nearly-insane web designer/programmer), Atika N (Tikabanget, TK-25256 with 'ituh' posting), Thomas Arie Setiawan (one of first bloggers from Yogyakarta), Nurudin Jauhari (with his online revenue), and other persons who attend Jogja Blogger Party 2010.

The fun thing at the party is someone said to me that he met celebrities at Pesta Blogger. From world dictionary I got the meaning of celebrity:
celebrity — n , pl -ties
1. a famous person: a show-business celebrity 2. fame or notoriety

From Wikipedia:
A celebrity (sometimes referred to as a celeb in popular culture) is easily recognized in a society or culture. Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone who gets media attention and shows an extroverted personality.
Wikipedia support my thesis that most people at Pesta Blogger Jogja 2010 are celebrities, because most of them are easily recognized in blogger society. Maybe taxy driver at Jombor Bus Station near my house did not recognize them, but people in the blogger community may know them and became fans or follower.

Computer have screen like TV. Our unconscius mind maybe have 'automatic consideration' that every person that shown at TV screen are celebrity. Internet already make history that person can be famous just posting something unique content on the Internet. From Yogyakarta we have Tony Blank (prolove separatos!) with his video on the internet (I regret he did not come at the blogger party).

So, why did you not write on a blog or create someting valuable in the internet to be a celebrities? However, thanks to a committee of the party who've worked hard for the success of this event. Great job!

Thanks to XL123, Global Intermedia, BlogDetik, Plasa, SPBU 44.551.11, IDWebhost, Ganti Baju, Dagadu, Bakoel Tiket, Centro, Petak Umpet, Joglo Mlati, Kedai Kopi, Pino Jaket and other sponsors that support the committee.


mbakDos said...

a very-very crowded venue eh? :D
nice to have you there..

Adi Wirawan! said...

actually yes, we met many celebrities there, although we are celebrity too, thanks for coming tweeps ^^

nicowijaya said...

like this!

si_enthon9 said...


meong said...

yes, those celebrities are my friend ^^ *bangga*

maturtengkyuuuu sudah hadir di pebe... maap2 kl ada lepat dan luput.

*nyesel belum kenalan dg penulisnya* :D

-tikabanget- said...

ealaaah.. kok ya masih inget NIM ku tho yaaaa.a..

nisa sanjaya said...

waah ini yang kmren di ugm itu yya,, saya hanya lewat.. rame bangeet ,, hehe

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